The team behind Worxport consists of seasoned and experienced professionals with about Seven decades of combined global experience. Their domain experience comprises a wide spectrum of relevant knowledge. Their experience bridges both sides of the table, as corporate talent acquisition leaders and as consultants with multi-industry experience.

In an extremely crowded talent acquisition market, Worxport emerged out of the need for a virtual ecosystem of recruiters and clients. One that would combine the advantages of extremely dispersed individual search firms & recruiters and technology solutions offered by varied large online job portals/hiring solutions.

Worxport mission is to provide fulfillment and opportunity to freelance recruiters and leverage their skills to deliver quality outcomes for the clients.

Core Values

INNOVATION: We are dedicated to a spirit of innovation as a new age company of the connected world.

DIVERSITY: We firmly believe talent does not ride on gender, ethnicity or geography, the only marker it has is excellence.

EMPOWERMENT: Every individual within our ecosystem must be empowered to fulfil their potential.

ETHICS: The highest standards of ethical practices and transparency.

our mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionise the process of talent acquisition with a futuristic new model. To reach talent beyond locational or attitudinal boundaries, through an innovative combination of enabling technologies and human skill sets that create a virtual ecosystem of freelance professionals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a platform where every individual upon it finds an opportunity, regardless of gender, geography, background or persuasion, to fulfil her or his true potential.